Nitro-Lift provides quality nitrogen services, fabrication services and well testing services.

Our Core Nitrogen Services include Midstream-Industrial, Wellhead-Completion, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Offshore and Emergency Response.

Our Numbers tell the story: 15,000+ wells lifted or de-watered in conventional and unconventional plays - 40,000+ miles of pipelines purged and tested - 400+ Master Service Agreements - 1,000,000 Accumulated Run-Time Hours Operating Nitrogen Equipment

Nitro-Lift has revolutionized the way wells pass from completion to production and differentiates itself as one of the few companies that offers BOTH Liquid and Membrane Nitrogen and is proficient at both.

Nitro-Lift Technologies LLC is a leader in the development of self-contained membrane nitrogen generating systems for a variety of energy completion and production applications.

Using proprietary and patented processes to achieve greater efficiency, Nitro-Lift offers a diverse fleet of equipment and a broad spectrum of downhole services.

Nitro-Lift is active in all the major oil and gas unconventional shale plays such as the Permian Basin, Barnett Shale, Woodford Shale, Marcellus, Utica and Fayetteville Shale plays as well as deepwater plays offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Pipeline Purging, Testing and Pigging Operations
  • Gas Plant Testing
  • Refinery Line Purging
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Offshore Artificial Lift
  • Emergency Response
  • De-Watering
  • Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
  • Well-Jetting
  • Chemical Injection
  • Well Clean Outs
  • Nitro-Lifting
  • Gas Lift Valves/Jet Valves
  • Conventional Flowback and Well Testing
  • Ventless Flowback
  • Midstream and Custom Production Fabrication