Nitro-Lift brings a distinct competitive advantage for offshore operations with it’s patented Recirc Nitrogen Units and it’s patented Dry-Pak Nitrogen Membrane Units.

Each of these patented components address common offshore issues regarding footprint and lack of produced gas to produce wells and to power the platform.
Our patented units have a 30% smaller footprint vs. competitors, as well as a process for lifting wells artificially with less horsepower.

We gained our first experience in Artificial Lift in 2012 with Energy XXI, successfully lifting a dead well with Nitrogen and turning it back into a nice producer. This was a well that was slated for plugging and abandonment.

In addition Nitro-Lift conducts offshore operations for Hydrate Remediation from Subsurface Lines and Pipelines. (Our first experience in this area was for Exxon on the Hoover- Diana Platform)

We also conduct offshore operations for New Platform Commissioning (Involves pressure testing new platforms with inert nitrogen),
Purging Lines for Safe Repair and Maintenance, and Offshore Vessel and Barge Purging.