EOR nanoActiv® HnP

nanoActiv® in an Energized Huff ‘n Puff Treatment

Nitro-Lift provides a number of nitrogen services using both membrane and liquid nitrogen for Enhanced Oil Recovery, including Nitrogen Flooding, Gas Cap Replacement, Artificial Lift and nanotechnology.

Nitro-Lift is a leader in nanotechnology for EOR through its association with Nissan Chemical America Corporation and Messer Americas.

Nitro-Lift® Technologies is a Messer Americas Certified Service Provider delivering nanoActiv® HnP treatments for all nitrogen, CO2, and natural gas applications.

Nitro-Lift® is steeped in knowledge regarding downhole mechanics and reservoir characteristics, bringing a unique perspective to the nanoActiv® HnP process.

Nitro-Lift® has expanded its nitrogen fleet to include Nitro-Lift® Dedicated nanoActiv® Nitrogen Spreads to increase efficiency at the well site consisting of 3 units:

  • Designated nanoActiv® Transport
  • 180K Liquid Nitrogen Pumping Unit
  • 15K mawp, nanoActiv® Tri-Plex Pumper (6 bpm - 10,000 psi mawp - 750 gallon pre-flush designated water tank - 750 gallon nanoActiv® tank)