Nitro-Lift Officially Certified by eRailSafe

Nitro-Lift Technologies has recently been certified by eRailSafe. The eRailSafe program is designed to facilitate background screening and credentialing of Class I freight railroad contractors and contractors’ employees. To help close security gaps, several Class I railroads teamed with eVerifile, a background investigation firm, to create an industry-wide security and safety initiative known as eRailSafe.

Nitro-Lift provides Emergency Response Nitrogen Services and Flammable Liquid Containment Services for:

  • Train Derailments
  • Crude Oil Storage Facilities
  • Wood Pellet Storage Facilities
  • Grain Storage Facilities
  • Peanut Storage Facilities
  • Pecan Bulk Storage
  • Coal Mine Inerting

This is accomplished by Displacing Oxygen from Rail Tank Cars and Storage Facilities with Nitrogen and is specifically used for Non-Liquid Firefighting Situations or in Situations as an Assist to Liquid Firefighting.

Nitro-Lift provides Flammable Liquid Containment Services using it’s patented Nitro-Lift Ventless Unit. The Ventless Unit uses an 8’ x 33’ 288 Barrel Pressure Vessel to off load and contain flammable liquids and vapors from rail cars and other storage facilities.

Nitro-Lift Pioneered the use of Nitrogen for these Purposes

Nitro-Lift as a part of it’s Emergency Response Services, provides Multiple Daily Regularly Scheduled Interface with Local and Municipal Authorities, Customer, Customer Insurance Representatives and FEMA.