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Ventless Jumbo Technology

Ventless Jumbo Technology

Nitro-Lift’s patented “ventless” technology was the first of its kind in the industry. Utilizing multiple bypasses, closed loop upstream pop-offs and three stages of state-of-the-art gas measurement systems.

Nitro-Lift provides emission free flowback services through the use of its exclusive, patented Ventless Flowback System that allows customers to flowback their wells in a closed-loop system. In one truckload there is a sand separator; a high volume 1,440 psi 3-phase separator; and a sealed flow tank with internal gas buster. The system can be rigged up in about three hours. All emissions are limited to those that are burned through a six-inch flare-stack. Alternatively, the gas may be directed down the sales line.

Ventless Tank Specs

  • Sealed 288bbl flow tank/3-phase
  • ASME-Coded to 150psi
  • Handles up to 300bbls/hr of total fluid
  • Meters up to 25mmcf in gas
  • Three (3)-phase design maximizes retention time on flowback water and high gravity oil
  • Retention times up to four (4) hours at a rate of 50bbls/hr H20 and 10bbls/hr oil
  • Continual well flow without venting to an open tank