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Recirculating System

Recirculating System

The patented Nitro‐Lift Recirculating Gas Lift System® (US patents 7,802,625 and 8,028,754) is an innovative solution for efficiently extending the life of oil and gas wells using artificial lift gas comprising nitrogen, well gas or a combination of nitrogen and produced well gas.

This approach is a proven technology based on lifting more than 15,000 wells over the past 15 years. The greatest benefit of this system is the unique capability to start lifting a non‐producing well when there is no produced gas available from the well.

Two key factors afford this benefit: 1) the ambient air is the source of the nitrogen gas, and 2) the compressors run on diesel or a diesel‐natural gas mix.

The nitrogen is introduced into what is essentially a closed loop system consisting of the booster compressor, the injection pipeline, the wellbore, the production pipeline, the production separator and then back to the suction of the booster compressor.

As the well starts to unload, the gas returning from the well is re‐circulated back to the suction side of the booster compressor and added to the nitrogen being continuously generated and fed to the suction side of the booster compressor.

As the volume of recirculated gas increases, the demand for generated nitrogen decreases and eventually drops off altogether. The Re‐Circulating Gas Lift System allows a great deal of operational flexibility in nitrogen production rates, total injected gas flow rates and pressures, and the rate at which pressure at the well is allowed to increase to optimize the production of each well included in the program.

The Gas Lift Production Recovery Plan typically comprises different phases, depending on where the particular wells are in their life‐cycle, and what existing equipment is available on‐site and how well it is suited for the long term.

A short term period can serve to kick‐off wells and hand the gas lift requirements over to an existing compressor or can serve as “Proof of Concept” trial. An intermediate term phase bridges the gap between the short‐term and long term solutions, and a customized long-term solution is designed to allow for many years of production from the wells in question.

>> Download a flyer showing a recirculating unit fundamental process flow diagram