Nitro-Lift has provided nitrogen services and conducted operations on approximately 40,000 miles of pipelines involving DOT regulated maintenance, purging and packing new pipelines, and leak testing with nitrogen.

Nitro-Lift provides both Membrane Nitrogen (non-cryogenic) and Liquid Nitrogen (cryogenic). Nitro-Lift differentiates itself by doing both membrane and liquid nitrogen well.

Nitro-Lift conducted the nitrogen purge and pack on the Dakota-Access Pipeline in 2016 from the Canadian Border to Nederland, Texas (~1,700 Miles)

In addition, Nitro-Lift provides nitrogen services for new gas plant commissioning, fuel barge purging and for inerting and purging refinery lines and vessels for repairs and during turn-arounds.

Nitro-Lift’s reputation for reliable products and unsurpassed customer service has earned it more than 400+ executed MSA's throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Nitro-Lift’s combined industry experience (~1,000,000 Run-time Hours Operating Nitrogen Equipment) ensures that the company will fulfill customers’ needs with quality, reliable products. Nitro-Lift’s mission is to “Be Reliable” and the company is committed to meet this mission daily by offering superior products and services.